Virtual Care

for Medicare Beneficiaries Who Depend on Family Caregivers

Ceresti’s proven virtual care platform aligns the interests of payers, providers and families to improve the health and health equity of patients who depend on family caregivers​.

We Empower Family Caregivers to Improve a Loved One’s Health and Health Equity

Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, or frailty depend on family caregivers (spouses, adult children) to manage changes in their condition. Family caregivers implement their loved one’s care plans, help with activities of daily living, and make decisions about long-term care. For these vulnerable and costly patients, family caregivers are the most important drivers of health and health equity. 

However, family caregivers are often stressed from the burdens of managing the care of a loved one, in addition their other family responsibilities. They also lack the knowledge, skills and confidence required to provide the best possible care for a loved one. Ceresti’s Digital Caregiver Empowerment Platform supports and upskills family caregivers via personalized education, proactive coaching and remote monitoring, all delivered via an app deployed on a dedicated tablet computer that is shipped to the caregiver’s home. Our virtual care platform ensures that patients who depend on family caregivers have access to the most appropriate care. 

We Partner with Organizations That Manage Risk

We partner with organizations (health plans, at-risk providers, long-term-care insurers) who hold or manage risk for patients who depend on family caregivers. We identify eligible caregiver/patients dyads and enroll them in a personalized Digital Caregiver Empowerment Program. We leverage assessments, predictive analytics and engagement data to dynamically personalize caregivers’ programs. Ceresti coaches build a trusted relationship with family caregivers, and empower and support them throughout their caregiving journey. Our program is proactive and detects the early signs of acute events, before they lead to an emergency department visit or a hospitalization. Our third-party validated outcomes demonstrate our ability to reduce avoidable utilization and healthcare cost, increase STAR measures, and accelerate health equity.