Improve Patient Outcomes by Incorporating Family Caregivers Into Chronic Care Management

Focusing on patients who struggle with self-management represents the biggest opportunity for improving outcomes

Patients Who Struggle with Self-Management Are the Most Expensive

Aging patients who are frail and elderly, as well as those with cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s / confusion), recovering from surgery, suffering from cancer or significant chronic conditions (heart disease, diabetes, lung disease) struggle with self-management.  These patients represent the most expensive patient population in our healthcare system.

The Evidence For Supporting Family Caregivers is Compelling

Third-party research provides strong evidence that empowering family caregivers improves quality of patient care and reduces costs.

Purpose-Built to Empower Family Caregivers

Our platform is purpose-built to align the economic, quality and care interests of health plans, providers and families.  When offered as a covered benefit to patient, our programs empower family caregivers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve care for their loved ones, reduce their own burden, and deliver outcomes that matter to you.

Results of 12-week Family Caregiver Engagement Study for High-Need Patients with Dementia

(with leading provider group)


Engagement in Daily Plan / Tools


Caregiver Burden


Rate of Acute Incidents


Program Satisfaction