Our Value-Based Care Solution Achieves the Triple Aim

(Improve Quality, Care, Costs)

for Members with Dementia

Focusing on members who struggle with self-management represents the biggest opportunity for improving outcomes

Dementia is a Cost-Multiplier

Members with dementia often have multiple chronic conditions and incur 25% of the total costs of major chronic conditions (Salber et al). These higher healthcare costs are due to 2-3 times higher rates of hospitalizations which can be attributed to:

  • Unmanaged chronic conditions, in particular diabetes, CHF and COPD
  • Conditions that could be prevented at home (e.g., UTIs, falls)
  • Inexperienced family caregivers

Ceresti’s Value-Based Care Solution reduces hospitalizations for members with dementia.

The Dementia Cost Multiplier Illustrated via Utilization & Costs

Our Solution is Effective and Scalable

Our value-based care solution for dementia is built around our proven digital care management (CM) program. This program combines technology, content, remote coaching and predictive analytics to empower family caregivers to become more active and effective in managing an aging loved one’s care. A key objective is to proactively avoid unnecessary hospitalizations for caregiver/member dyads with a high risk of hospitalization. We identify high risk dyads via claims data and assessments of caregiver’s strengths and weaknesses. Dyads with a lower risk of hospitalization are eligible to access Ceresti’s caregiver portal for education and support.

Because hospitalization risk is dynamic, we track eligible members longitudinally to ensure that they have access to the appropriate intervention. We also own and execute enrollment of dyads in our CM program, with prior approval from our partners.

Our Care Management Program Achieves the Triple Aim

Our digital care management program achieves the Triple Aim (improve quality, care, costs) for members with dementia.

We Improve Quality

We empower caregivers by engaging them in a program of personalized education, support, and coaching that is delivered via a tablet device that we send to the home. A typical caregiver engages in their Ceresti program for an hour every week and develops the knowledge, skills and confidence required to take a more active role in managing their loved one’s health. We improve the experience of living with dementia for the entire family.

We Improve Care

More knowledgeable and confident caregivers are more likely to seek care for a loved one (member) when needed, and to make overall better care decisions. Our ability to avoid unnecessary member hospitalizations also mitigates the cognitive and functional decline that is often associated with the member’s experience of a hospitalization.

We Reduce Costs

We remotely monitor patients daily via a risk assessment that detects the early warning signs of avoidable hospitalizations. Caregivers engaged in our program complete an average of 3 risk assessment per week. Risk assessments are dynamically created by our proprietary personalization engine based on multiple data inputs, including claims data, and prior medical, psychosocial and behavioral issues reported by the caregiver. Our ability to resolve actionable alerts results in significant cost savings (e.g., 33% in one pilot study).

Compliant and Easy to Implement

Our HIPAA compliant solution is modular and flexible, to make it easy to integrate into your workflows.  We ensure that member and caregiver consent is obtained at the outset.  Let our experienced team show you how easy it is to implement a value-based care solution in your aging population today.

What our partners are saying:

``Self-care is already a challenge for dementia patients, and is often made dramatically more complex by the presence of additional chronic conditions. By taking part in this program, we improve our ability to proactively manage patient health conditions in the home``.

— Dr. Christopher Dennis, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Landmark Health