Whether you are interested in promoting the availability of the FAMILY program to your members, or are an organization offering products and services that address the needs of families living with dementia, consider becoming an affiliate or sponsor today.


The Ceresti FAMILY program is a 10-week care coaching, education and support program that empowers family caregivers to provide the best possible care for a loved one living with dementia at home. Caregivers have told us that they benefitted greatly from the FAMILY program, with 90% reporting an increase in knowledge, skills and confidence, and 100% valuing the support they received from their Ceresti caregiver coach. We are able to offer the FAMILY program to qualified families at no charge, thanks to the support of our sponsors and exclusive sponsors.

Please consider becoming a Ceresti Affiliate. Ceresti Affiliates are non-profit organizations or state agencies that provide community support services for families living with dementia at home. As a Ceresti Affiliate we will help you to promote the FAMILY program to family caregivers and their families. We can provide you with collateral to distribute, and messaging that you can easily integrate into your website, a newsletter or email blast, making it easy for families to sign up for their free FAMILY program. We will include your name and contact details in the resource directory that family caregivers can access on their Ceresti tablet.


High engagement and satisfaction in the FAMILY program creates a unique opportunity for your organization to reach family caregivers. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 15 million Americans provide unpaid/informal care for a loved one living with dementia.

The FAMILY program is delivered to family caregivers via an included Ceresti tablet that is “always on.” The iOS and Android Ceresti mobile app is downloaded by family members and friends — secondary caregivers– to communicate directly with the Ceresti tablet.

Your organization’s message will be tastefully integrated into the 10-week FAMILY program to enhance the overall experience of families who benefit from the FAMILY program. Contact us today for more details.

Please consider supporting the FAMILY program in one of the following ways:

Sponsor. Underwrite the FAMILY program and enable families to access your educational content on the Ceresti tablet and/or Ceresti smartphone app.

Exclusive Sponsor. Offer a co-branded FAMILY program to family caregivers selected by you. This is a great opportunity to underwrite the entire program while allowing families to learn more about your organization.

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