Achieve the Triple Aim

for Multi-Chronic Members

Reliant on Family Caregivers

Offer Ceresti’s Family Caregiver Empowerment Program as a Supplemental Benefit to Your Most Vulnerable and Costly Members.

Benefits of a Family Caregiver Supplemental Benefit

Consider offering Ceresti’s Family Caregiver Empowerment Program (FCEP) as a supplemental benefit to support your growing population of vulnerable and costly members.


Benefits for Medicare Advantage Plans

Achieve the Triple Aim for Multi-chronic Members Reliant on Family Caregivers

  • Introduce an innovative benefit that provides competitive differentiation
  • High member/caregiver satisfaction (FCEP Net Promoter Score = 80)
  • Improve care for an estimated 30% of members who incur 65% of total hospital admissions

Benefits for Family Caregivers

Provide the Best Possible Care for a Loved One (your Member) who Relies on You

  • Personalize your caregiving journey via Ceresti’s Caregiver Portal or a Ceresti Tablet
  • Access personalized evidence-based education to develop the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to care for a loved one
  • Chat or speak with a Ceresti coach for advice/support
  • Identify local community-based resources & programs based on your needs
  • Digitally integrate your family and friends into the care team
  • Adopt self-care techniques to reduce the stress and burden of caregiving

30% of Members Rely on a Family Caregiver

Family Caregivers Can Impact Conditions That Affect 30% of Your Members

An estimated 30% of members in a typical Medicare Advantage population have at least one condition that makes them unable to effectively self-manage their health. Many of these conditions involve cognitive impairment and/or a need for intensive episodic or long-term support by a family caregiver.

Members reliant on family caregivers incur more than 65% of all hospitalizations. Many of these hospitalizations are potentially avoidable by more knowledgeable and confident family caregivers.

40% of Family Caregivers are Likely to be Members/Spouses

Family caregivers include spouses, adult children, other relatives and friends (see chart). Approximately 40% of family caregivers are spouses of members who are unable to self-manage. Many of these spouses are likely to be members of the same health plan as the care recipient member. Enrolling a caregiver/member dyad in a supplemental benefit program benefits both members.

Maximize Caregiver Engagement and Empowerment

Ceresti’s Family Caregiver Empowerment Program (FCEP) is dynamically personalized to maximize caregiver engagement and empowerment. Caregivers’ self-efficacy is increased via personalized education, coaching and support that encompasses multiple areas of focus, including medical, psychosocial, behavioral, social determinants, long-term care planning and care navigation. Examples of how we use technology to support family caregivers and members include:

  • Integrating friends and family into the care team with the Ceresti Connect App
  • Promoting caregiver self-care via education, coaching and access to specific exercises
  • Fostering access to community-based resources that have been curated based on the specific needs of caregivers/members
  • Access to digital psychosocial therapies (e.g., reminiscence therapy, music therapy) to engage members

Our Results Support our Value Proposition

Outcomes from multiple clinical trials encompassing hundreds of caregivers support our ability to consistently engage and empower family caregivers. Examples of outcomes include:

  • 70% of referred caregiver/member dyads enroll in the Ceresti Family Caregiver Empowerment program
  • Family caregiver engage with their personalized program for an average of 45 minutes per week. This time includes engagement in education, assessments, and communication with their Ceresti coach
  • Family caregivers complete an average of 3 risk assessments a week
  • The month-to-month continue rate is greater than 97%; i.e., at the end of the month, 97% of caregivers will opt into their programs for another month
  • A net promoter score (NPS) of 80

Compliant and Easy to Implement

Our HIPAA compliant solution is modular and flexible, to make it easy to integrate into your workflows.  We ensure that member and caregiver consent is obtained at the outset.  Let our experienced team show you how easy it is to implement a value-based care solution in your aging population today.

What our partners are saying:

Self-care is already a challenge for dementia patients, and is often made dramatically more complex by the presence of additional chronic conditions. By taking part in this program, we improve our ability to proactively manage patient health conditions in the home.

— Dr. Christopher Dennis, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Landmark Health