Grow Membership and

Improve Member Health

Via Innovative Benefit Design

Offer Ceresti’s Family Caregiver Empowerment Program as a Supplemental Benefit to Members with Cognitive Impairment

“Being a caregiver can be a deeply rewarding experience, but one that comes with many emotional challenges and gaps in knowledge. When a caregiver receives the kind of support and education available through Ceresti, they feel less isolated and more confident on how to best meet the changing needs of their loved one.”  


Christine Reiten

Vice president of Medicaid at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota.

The Ceresti Family Caregiver Empowerment Program

An Innovative Supplemental Benefit For Members With Cognitive Impairment

Benefits for Plans

  • Grow membership and improve Member health via innovative benefit design
  • Increase Member retention and satisfaction
  • Improve Members overall health by increasing the knowledge, skills and confidence of their family caregivers

Benefits for Members with Cognitive Impairment

  • Improved health and higher quality of life
  • Increased engagement (associated with increased positive emotions and improved ADLs)
  • Reduced loneliness resulting from increased family connectedness

Also Support Members Who Are Spousal Caregiver

40-45% of caregivers in a typical Medicare Advantage (MA) population are spousal caregivers who are likely to be enrolled in the same health plan as their care-recipient spouse (your Member). 

In this case, the Ceresti Family Caregiver Empowerment Program supports two Members: the Member with cognitive impairment (care recipient) and the Member who is the spousal caregiver.

Benefits for Family Caregivers, including Members who are spousal caregivers

  • Improved health and higher health-related quality of life
  • Increased knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation in role of caregiver
  • Access to a trusted Ceresti coach for advice/support
  • Reduced loneliness resulting from increased family connectedness and relationship with a dedicated Ceresti coach

Program Approach

Improve Caregiver Self-Efficacy

The Ceresti Family Caregiver Empowerment Program teaches, empowers and supports family caregivers to be more proactive and effective in managing the care of a loved one (Member) with cognitive impairment.

We accomplish this by delivering personalized content to caregivers via secure technology that is accessible from anywhere, by anyone; and supporting caregivers with a dedicated remote Ceresti coach (e.g., social worker).

Our Program is Guaranteed to Pay for Itself

We are so confident that more empowered family caregivers will improve cost and quality outcomes for Members, that we are prepared to guarantee that the Ceresti Programs will pay for itself via healthcare cost savings. We will use claims data to track and demonstrate cost savings versus an appropriately matched comparison group in accordance with a mutually agreed analysis methodology.

Easy to File

Filing the Ceresti Family Caregiver Empowerment Program as a supplemental benefit in your annual CMS bid is straightforward. Our team can provide you with guidance and support as needed.