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Ceresti Case Study

Being a family caregiver can be overwhelming, particularly if a loved one suffers from dementia exacerbated by other chronic conditions.  The following case study tells the story of Renee and Tom, who illustrate how the Ceresti care coaching and education program can offer caregivers the support they need and help provide the best possible care for their loved one.

“I’m not afraid anymore.  The anxiety just isn’t there like it used to be…”

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It wasn’t always that way for Renee.  As the primary caregiver for her husband Tom who was diagnosed with multiple chronic conditions, that meant managing his health needs and daily activities in addition to her own. Renee often felt stressed and anxious about the requirements of caring for Tom at home.  By working with Ceresti’s coaching, education and support program, she was able to develop the skills and confidence needed to provide Tom with the best possible care and alleviate the stress associated with her role as his caregiver.

Ceresti Caregiver Case Study