Ceresti has created the world’s first caregiver-centric remote care platform aimed at improving care and reducing costs for persons living with dementia at home.


Persons living with dementia have lost the ability to self-manage

Person living with dementia have lost the ability to self-manage their chronic conditions and rely on family caregivers for help. Most family caregivers lack the knowledge, skills and confidence required to provide care for a person living with dementia. This leads to unmanaged chronic conditions and other care challenges that increase caregiver stress and frequently result in acute incidents such as emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Training and supporting family caregivers provides proven, effective and appropriate care

We train and support family caregivers to provide care for a person living with dementia at home. Effective and appropriate care reduces the risk and costs of acute incidents as well as the detrimental and lasting effects that acute incidents can have on the qualify of life of a person living with dementia.


We integrate mobile technology, personalization, best practices and coaching into a scalable and cost-effective solution that trains and supports family caregivers to provide effective and appropriate care for a person living with dementia at home.

Determine if the Ceresti FAMILY Program is right for you.
Caregivers and families wishing to enroll in the FAMILY Program must meet the following criteria:
  • Good cell signal from a major provider (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) at the home of the family caregiver. We can help determine which provider delivers the best signal at our home
  • The family caregiver and the person living with dementia live in the same house, or spend significant time together during the week
  • The person living with dementia has Alzheimer’s Disease or unknown dementia. We are working on enhancements for frontotemporal dementia, Lewy Body dementia or vascular dementia. Ask us to let you know when we are able to support these other types of dementia
Enrollment is simple.
Contact a FAMILY program consultant to answer questions and enroll the family caregiver in our affordable FAMILY program.
The FAMILY Program is configured for your specific situation, need and goals.
Your program consultant will ask you for information that we use to match you to one of our caregiver coaches. Our coaches are caring, empathetic, knowledgeable individuals who understand the challenges of caregiving for someone living with dementia. Your coach is 100% committed to your success.
Your coach will contact you to learn more about your situation. Based on information you share with your coach, we create a personalized, professional-grade, engaging digital health program for you to access on a Ceresti tablet.
We ship a pre-configured (cell-enabled) Ceresti tablet to your home. You do not need wifi.
Our clear, step-wise instructions and video-based technology training makes it easy for you to learn how to use the Ceresti tablet to do the following:
  • display pictures uploaded by family and friends
  • access personalized professional-grade education
  • complete personalized action plans
  • view dashboards highlighting your progress
  • communicate via text message with your coach, family and friends
  • contact your coach
  • access community resources and support
Acquire professional-grade knowledge, skills and confidence — in just 12 weeks.
Every day you receive a list of tasks, actions and experiences—on your Ceresti tablet—that comprise your personalized program.
Your coach monitors your progress daily, provides friendly reminders, offers helpful insights and feedback and finetunes your program as needed.
You will acquire professional-grade knowledge, skills and confidence about the following topics:
  • Communicating effectively with a person living with dementia
  • Anticipating and managing dementia-specific care challenges, including behaviors
  • Helping a person living with dementia with activities of daily living
  • Best ways to engage and stimulate a person living with dementia
  • Accessing support from community resources and from others
  • Making decisions to ensure appropriate long-term care for the person living with dementia and financial security for the family caregiver
Successful completion of your personalized digital health program requires approximately 15-20 minutes every day for 5 days per week for 12 weeks.
At the end of the program you graduate. You return the Ceresti tablet to us, unless you decide to enroll in our SUSTAIN Program.
Sustain your progress, sustain your newly acquired knowledge, skills and confidence.
After graduation you have the option of enrolling in Ceresti’s SUSTAIN program and continue to benefit from your personalized FAMILY program as follows:
  • Continued usage of your Ceresti tablet
  • Access to all of the functions of the tablet
  • Continued access to the personalized education from your FAMILY program
  • Continued support from your coach
  • Access to new education modules
  • Access to future capabilities under development
Ceresti’s FAMILY Program helps caregivers and families improve the experience of living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.
  • Acquire professional-grade knowledge, skills and confidence, tailored to the specific needs of the person living with dementia and caregiver program goals
  • Improve the quality of life for the person living with dementia
  • Support aging in place with safety and dignity
  • Reduce caregiver burden and stress
  • Reduce out-of-pocket expenses
Ceresti FAMILY “Introductory” pricing.

  • You may cancel access to your FAMILY or SUSTAIN Program at any time and receive a full or partial refund depending on when you decide to cancel. Contact a FAMILY Program consultant or your coach for details
  • You may pay by credit card or check. Please contact a FAMILY Program consultant to enroll
  • Refer to Ceresti’s Terms and Conditions for additional details