Engaging Seniors. Improving Health.

Ceresti specializes in engaging aging patients to confidently manage their own health when complicated by multiple chronic conditions.


Providers excel at treating aging patients, but often struggle with how to engage them in caring for their own health. Existing approaches to enhance patient self-management are fragmented and difficult to personalize, measure, and scale, particularly for aging patients. The lack of a comprehensive patient engagement solution that builds upon existing approaches makes it difficult for those servicing aging patients to assist them in expanding the role they can play in managing their own health and healthcare.


Ceresti is the first company to develop a comprehensive patient engagement platform specifically for aging patient populations. Our proven approach leverages tablet-based technology and health coaches to deliver personalized education, improved health literacy and increased patient activation on a population level. Our platform integrates, personalizes and enhances existing patient engagement efforts.

Our approach to successfully engage aging patients includes:

  • A purpose-built digital platform that delivers content, assessments and messaging on a Ceresti tablet optimized for seniors
  • An extensive library of evidence-based health information and tools to complement and enhance existing engagement content, allowing us to tailor a curriculum based on the specific needs of an aging patient
  • Health coaches that use evidence-based methods such as teach-back to improve health literacy
  • Motivational interviewing to increase patient activation, the mindset for patients to take the actions required to confidently manage their own health; and continuous and adaptive personalization to maximize engagement for every patient

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